Sample Sale! 

      It's time for a Sample Sale! A Sample Sale happens when there are just too many samples laying around our production room. These bows were all used for a photo on the website, a sample for a team or something of that nature. They are the same high quality products you buy at regular price, but discounted!

      In a Sample Sale, you choose the "level" of bow you want, which are listed below. "Levels" are decided on by the original selling price of the product. Unfortunately, you cannot request a specific color, size, pattern, etc. Once you pick a level, we will randomly select a sample bow from that level for you. You can order as many bows as you like, but order quickly as they will run out soon! The bows pictured as examples under each level are not necessarily the bows you will receive; they are, as aforementioned, simply examples.

      Please note that headbands are not included in this sale. If you have questions about the Sample Sale, please contact Bow Down at

       All credit for this concept goes to Nancy and Pep of Yella Ribbon. Check them out at or on Facebook.

 Level: Intermediate

Original Cost: Up to $7.75

Sale Price: $5.75


 Level: Excel

Original Cost: Up to $9.75

Sale Price: $7.75

11 LEFT!

 Level: Elite

Original Cost: Up to $14.25

Sale Price: $9.75

15 LEFT!

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