BDCB Senior/Int'l Athlete Scholarship

        Every 4 months, Bow Down Cheer Bows selects one senior or international aged athlete to "sponsor" at the end of their respective two month period. The chosen athlete will be awarded 7% of the total proceeds over that given 2 month period. Please note that this may not be a substantial amount of money, as BDCB is a very small company. Bow Down is simply not profitable enough to cover, say, 4 months worth of tuition, but every little bit should help. Please check the guidelines below to see if you are eligible for the BDCB Athlete Scholarship!

    - Athlete must be 12 or older and currently a member of at least one all-star Senior team or International team.

    - Athlete must be aware that this scholarship is not for a specific amount of money, but rather a percentage of BDCB's own profits.

    - Athlete must fill out the application and submit it by the date listed for the months they choose.

    - Athlete must agree NOT to use the scholarship funds for personal purposes. This scholarship is solely to help with all-star cheer related costs.

    - BDCB prefers that you only apply for this scholarship on a NEEDED basis. There are many athletes who struggle to afford the cost of all-star cheer; if you are not one of those athletes, please allow someone who truly needs this scholarship to receive it.

        Upon selection, your age and enrollment on a senior team will be verified. Payment will be sent in the form of a check made out to the respective GYM, not the individual athlete. This guarantees that the money will go toward cheer expenses. 

        If you meet all of these guidelines and would like to be considered for the BDCB Athlete Scholarship, please answer the following questions and e-mail your reponses to

    Current Scholarship: N/A (Bow Down Cheer Bows is currently closed. Please check back when we have resumed production.)

      - What is your name?

     - How old are you? When is your birthday?

     - Where are you from?

    - Where do you cheer? What level(s) and division(s) do you participate in (please note that your level does not influence your chances of receiving the scholarship)?

     - Are you involved in any other ways at your gym (i.e. tumbling instructor, coach, etc.)?

     - How long have you been involved in all-star cheer?

     - What is your favorite part of all-star cheerleading?

     - What team/athlete do you idolize? Why?

     - What other activities do you participate in?

     - Why do you think you should receive the BDCB Athlete Scholarship?

     - Is there anything else you feel BDCB should know about you?

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