Need to contact BDCB?

     The best way to contact BDCB about an order or any questions you may have is by e-mail. All orders and questions/concerns should be sent to Hannah at


Product Replacement

     At Bow Down Cheer Bows, we stand behind our products. This is why every product you purchase from us comes with an 8-month quality guarantee. This guarantee allows any bow that has become "sub-par" in the first 8 months it was owned to be replaced simply for the cost of shipping back to BDCB.

     ** Please note that this guarantee does not cover bows the owner attempted to alter them self. It also does not cover bows with broken hair attachments. If either of these issues apply to you, please e-mail BDCB and we will give you instructions on how to fix it.

      Should you require product replacement, please e-mail BDCB.


Frequently Asked Questions 

"Is it BOW (as in hair bow) Down, or BOW (as in 'bow to the queen') Down?"

       - BOW (as in 'bow to the queen') Down. Everything is themed around royalty!

"How do you decide on the price of each bow?"

        - I have a very specific and consistent pricing system. It is really not too exciting, but if you're very curious on the details, feel free to send me an e-mail!

"What is considered a rush order?"

       - There are two different magnitudes of rush orders: one-week rush and two-week rush. An order is considered a "one-week rush" if it's necessary time of delivery is 7 days or fewer away (not shipment, actual delivery). A "two-week rush" is an order than needs to be delivered in 14 days or fewer. The costs of rush orders are as follows:

                    One-Week Rush

                    Individual Order (1-10 Bows): 10% of total cost added on

                    Medium Order (11-25 Bows): 20% of total cost added on

                    Large Order (25-40 Bows): 35% of total cost added on

                    XL Order (41+ Bows): Please contact about pricing.

                    ** Orders of 60+ products CANNOT be done with a one-week rush.

                    Two-Week Rush

                   Individual Order (1-10 Bows): 5% of total cost added on

                   Medium Order (11-25 Bows)

: 10% of total cost added on


Large Order (25-40 Bows): 2

5% of total cost added on


XL Order (41+ Bows): Please contact about pricing.

"How long does shipping take?"

     - I use Priority Mail shipping with USPS, which almost always arrives within 3-5 days of shipping. However, this time frame can sometimes be lengthened due to weather, holidays, etc. Please always allow up to 7 days for shipping. If you need your order immediately, please make me aware and I will use a different shipping option. Please note that an additional charge may be required for a different shipping option.

"What forms of payment do you accept?"

      - Bow Down currently accepts payments via PayPal only. PayPal allows you to pay with a credit card or directly from your bank account. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with this method.

"Do you send free sample bows?"

      - I do not send out "free" samples. If you request samples, you will be required to cover the cost of the samples. However, if you do end up ordering a team order from BDCB, the cost of the samples will be deducted from your final bill. In short, no. If you choose to go through with an order from the samples, yes.

         The charge removal does NOT apply if an individual orders a bow and a coach purchases the bow for the entire team at a later time.

"I saw a bow on another companies website that I liked. Will you copy it?"

      - No. It is not fair to take another persons concept or idea and receive compensation for it, especially without their permission. This is against everything I stand for and I will NEVER copy another company intentionally. If you want that exact product, you will need to buy it from the original company.

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