About Bow Down

    Bow Down Cheer Bows (BDCB, for short) is a small home business owned by me, Hannah Light. BDCB was started in the summer of 2009 when I became interested in making my own bows. As soon as I started, I literally fell in love with making them. It is a fun thing to do and really allows you to be creative while making something you can actually wear!

        I make all BD products by hand. I construct them to the highest quality I possibly can so that they last a long time and look great. I would not sell you a bow that I myself would not wear. Because I am not a huge company that has to crank out hundreds of bows a day, I can ensure that I can finish your order quickly and that it will be great quality. I pride myself on being able to do this and rarely have a dissatisfied customer. I sell both cheer bows and headbands. Prices all depend on the size and complexity of the bow. Bows come in 2 different sizes - Majesty Size and Queen Size. Majesty size bows are 3" bows and Queen size bows are 2.25" bows. I only sell headbands in a 1.5" size. I no longer sell 1.5" bows (formerly known as Princess size). All bows are of the highest quality. They are all constructed with a stiff grosgrain base so the bow will really POP on your head. Every bow has a ponytail holder attached to put it in your hair. Headbands also have a ponytail holder which allows for the headband size to be "adjusted".

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