Product Replacement

     At Bow Down Cheer Bows, we stand behind our product. This is why every product you purchase from us comes with an 8-month quality guarantee. This guarantee allows any bow that has become "sub-par" in the first 8 months it was owned to be replaced for a very small cost.

     ** Please note that this guarantee does not cover bows the owner attempted to alter them self. It also does not cover bows with broken hair attachments. If either of these issues apply to you, please e-mail BDCB and we will give you instructions to fix it.

      If you should need product replacement, please e-mail BDCB at

      Product replacement is done in two different ways:

 PR Method 1


     Send the original bow back to Bow Down. We will fix any issues the bow has from fraying on the edges to complete bow replacement. With this method, the only cost to you is the shipping back to BDCB.

 PR Method 2

     Request a completely new replacement bow. This bow MUST be the exact same bow you ordered initially. The cost to you for this method is 25% of the price of the new bow. This prevents customers from requesting a new bow when they do not need one. 

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