Crown Jewel Bows

        Crown Jewel bows are any bows that have rhinestones. Rhinestones can be added to any other bow you see on the site for a small charge. If you wish to have bow "rhinestoned" that is not on here, please contact me at

        Rhinestones can be placed on the center wrap, all over the bow, or in a design. Price for rhinestones varies depending on which design you choose.

    DID YOU MANUALLY ADD SHIPPING?? Your order will not enter the queue if shipping is not paid. Please visit the main "Bows" tab for shipping info.


 Price Guide

R.S. Center Wrap: +$1.00

R.S. All Over: +$3.75

R.S. Design: + $2.00 - $6.25

Item ID: 161

Item ID: 163


Item ID: 162


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