Bow Boxes

        Bow Boxes are boxes that have 5 bows in them for a low price! You cannot choose which bows you want, but you can choose the size of bow you want. For example, if you wanted all 3" bows, you would buy a Majesty Box. If you wanted all 2.25" bows, you would buy a Queen Box. If you wanted a mix of sizes, you would buy a Jester Box. The price of a box is less than what it would be if you had bought the 5 bows individually. The bows in a Bow Box are the same high quality products that you would normally buy from BDCB. Bow Boxes are perfect if you just can't decide what you want or if you are on a budget! 

        Please note that the combinations in the boxes shown are not necessarily the exact same combinations you will receive. They are simply example photos to show you what a Bow Box is.

      Upon ordering, you must MANUALLY ADD A SHIPPING CHARGE on the shipping page of this website. If you do not, a second charge will be sent to you to cover it.

Queen Box
Item ID: 055
(10% off the average cost of 5 Queen Bows)

Majesty Box
Item ID: 056
(10% off the average cost of 5 Majesty Bows)

Jester Box
Item ID: 057
(10% off the average cost of 5 Bows)

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