Awareness Bows

        BDCB Awareness Bows are all made to benefit their respective charities. 100% of the proceeds from these bows go to an organization to help fund it's cause.

        If you would like to see an Awareness Bow for a cause that is not up here, please let me know! I will see if I can create one for it.

     DID YOU MANUALLY ADD SHIPPING?? Your order will not enter the queue if shipping is not paid. Please visit the main "Bows" tab for shipping info.

Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness
Charity: Susan G. Komen BCF
Cost: $10.00

Cause: Domestic Violence Awareness
Charity: Heartly House
Cost: $8.50

Cause: Autism Awareness
Charity: Autism Society of America
Cost: $11.00

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